Spread Your Love to Others

As America faces yet another historic tragedy, it amazes me how it takes tumultuous times to bring the people together. COVID-19 will not be the last. But I’m confident that we will band together again the next time. This virus has impacted me financially, emotionally, and physically. I will not let it interfere with my faith nor my kindheartedness. I will continue to help people, check in on them, pray, find things  to be grateful for. I will not become negative, or hateful, I will encourage, be cognoscente of other’s fears.

My family has been affected, not by the active virus, but because of the impact it’s had on everyone. No traveling, no gatherings, social distancing… All this has left me with a broken heart as it has kept me from seeing my niece marry her prince.  I must live by the cliché ‘‘This too shall pass’.

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