About Me

My name is Cassandra, but I am also, Sis, Sissy, Cas, or Cassie…

I’m 60 years young, and can call myself an honor roll grad in the ‘school of hard knocks’. I have a plethora of experience, most of it in the medical field, but am most certainly widening that scope of my life. I think I am the most content, and happiest when I am doing something to serve mankind. Whether that be in a social service area, or in a spiritual aspect. I am just a helper by  nature.
My daily goal is to bring a smile to someone’s face, if I’ve done this, then I have brought a smile to my own face also. 
Family is my center, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Family keeps me grounded. 
My belief lies in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, without Him, I would have never survived those ‘hard knocks’ in life. It is my relationship with Him that has molded me into what I am today. I don’t practice ‘religion’ per se, my spirituality is defined only by me and Him, not by anyone else’s expectations or standards. I’m broad minded..  I fit in no one’s box..

I want you to meet my family, and those that lie dear to my heart. They are my strength when I have none. Each one of them have their own unique spirit that makes them so special to me.

I think you’ll like them, after all, I do!!!