Words for my son

To my son…

I promise to give you the best of me, to share the ins and outs of my soul, so you fill yourself with the best parts. I promise to remain diligent and ambitious to conquer my dreams. To teach you to fight, and be your own captain in the rocky waves of life. I know you’ll be judged, and you’ll be pushed into boxes you can’t fit, and into labels you never knew you owned. But you’re born from a fighter, from a strong courageous woman. Who stared fate in their eyes and took their undeserved power with resilience and dedication. You will take on the world by storm, and stand tall in the mist of the chaos. You were born during hard times, but you shaped and molded my life. You gave me a reason to try harder and to get up time and time again. Because of you, I chose to want more. To reach and grasp for more. I love you, son, even though you’re not here yet. I know you will change and push me to grow further. I promise to give you the better life, but to teach you humility. To carve words of wisdom and watch you shape your own morals. I promise to give you room to find yourself. To fall and get back up, but know that I’m there to catch you if you need me. I promise to never judge you, but to push you to your fullest potential. You’ll be annoyed and tired of your nagging mom, but one day you’ll be thankful. For the woman who taught you how to read, is now watching you take on your identity and purpose in life. You are mine, and will always be a part of me. I love you more than words can describe, and I can’t wait to hold you.


Your Mom


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