Such a Sad Affair

The young man that wrote this in 2006 passed away June of 2010 of liver failure after years of drinking. He was in his 30’s. A candle in the wind…


You made me puke  
You made me laugh  
You made me shake  
You made me warm  
You made me bleed  
You made me smile  
You made me cry  
You made me strong  
You made me weak  
You made me outgoing  
You made me lonely  
You made me have fun  
You made me miserable  
You made me feel well  
You made me sick  
You made me feel no pain  
You hurt me more than anything  
You made me think I was great  
You didn’t let me think  
You made me fearless  
You made me not care  
You made me worthy  
You made me feel worthless  
I loved you  
I hate you now  
You are nothing but a bad relationship that I want out of  
You’ve given me good times (I thought)  
But I can’t remember most  
You’ve tried to kill me over and over  
Now I must kill you  
You are unhealthy  
And NOW I am strong  
Go away, go away  
And never return  
I fought you long enough  
And never I won  
That’s it, that’s all  
Now Just  

Written by JJ Wolf 2006
After coming to terms with alcohol
And consequences in his life

JJ Wolf

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