I miss you Ayla



 Well my friend, you’ve been gone for two days, and I feel like it’s been a lifetime already. I know you’re going to be just fine, I just felt better when you were close enough to me that if something happened  I was only a few minutes away!  Maybe my own insecurities? The most important thing is you’re close to your lil ones. You’ve waited long enough to re-ignite that bond, and now is the time. You’ve been a part of my life for well over 5 years, our friendship will remain strong, and continue to grow.  You will forever be in my heart… You pulled me through a lot of tough times, your understanding, and your ability to keep me on the spiritual path, leading me to the One that had all the answers.
I believe in ‘pay it forward’, I intend to keep that part of my spirit alive. I can’t wait to watch you grow, flourish,and grow content in your journey…

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