As God holds me near…

Isaiah 41:13   

God tells me that He will hold my right hand, telling me  to fear not, that He will help me.  I find myself still breaking down about my brother…  Then I talk with God, and a sense of lightness overcomes me. In my spiritual adulthood, I am beautifully aware of His presence. when I so desperately need Him. (Listening to Kari Jobe’s  I AM NOT ALONE) I struggle sometimes with the “why me” syndrome, but my cousin so gracefully put life into words during my brother’s funeral.  David said “there is nothing new”. God has dealt with emotions and struggles since mankind.  Through His merciful grace and love, I will find meaning and peace throughout this process, and I will grow.. 

This is just another lesson from God, to give it to Him, I’m just not meant to carry the weight….    So, here it is my dear Lord, it’s all Yours…  

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