5 More Minutes

I wanted to take an opportunity to remind all of us that tomorrow is never promised. Right now is the moment to make sure you’re ready for the unexpected…

My family in N.J. Two young impressionable children whose life was normal one day, and in a brief second, their lives will never be the same. Victoria, Will, and their dad, Todd. Todd fell ill on January 14th, he became an angel 5 days later. Don’t miss that opportunity to say ‘I love you’. It can never be said too much. Don’t forget to hug, it may be the last time. No such thing as too many pics. 

Thank you Victoria, for your selfless act of love for others. You chose to donate Todd’s organs, thus he lives on…  Your kindness and generosity just gave many others a chance at life, a chance they wouldn’t have had without your love for life.

Mischele, you and Todd have been awesome parents, proof’s in the pudding. Now you must take that role on by yourself. Keep up the good work. You DO have family to fall back on.

Don’t take family for granted. Once life is gone there is no ‘do-over’. Carpe Diem, don’t become estranged from family for any reason. Make new memories to carry you on once they are gone.

Victoria, you made a promise to your dad to make him proud, I just can’t believe he could be any prouder than he is right now, but I can’t wait to see.

To all my family in the rest of this world,  we are not bound by our past, but bonded by our future together.  Lets not waste any more time with useless resentment and regrets. Love breaks through everything.

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